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Puzzle- Iron Man

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Dec. 28th, 2010 | 10:39 pm
posted by: rinaceous in rinfic

pairing: Tony/Pepper
series: Iron Man
rated: PG.
notes: Just a quick little drabble about Tony's thoughts toward Pepper. Pre-IM2.

Anthony Stark was the product of a very intelligent man and a very beautiful woman. The result of their union had been an equally intelligent, hauntingly handsome child who matured into a heart-breakingly gorgeous playboy. Genetics had served him an especially generous manner, and for that much, he was thankful. If he'd his father's height, too- but, all told, he was a lucky, lucky bastard. Some men only had intelligence, looks, or money. Tony was blessed with all three.

He'd relieved himself of his innocence at the tender age of fourteen with his twenty five year old babysitter. From that point on, his conquests had been numerous and generally satisfied as well as satisfying. Sex was one thing that Tony had never, ever had to work for.

His best buddy, Rhodey, had enjoyed the fallout from his popularity and charisma many times, bedding the best friend or twin sister on more occasions than he could reasonably count.

So, Pepper Potts had vexed him in this area for many, many years. From the moment she'd arrived in his office, barging past the shell-shocked secretary with red-circled figures, he'd wanted her and assumed he would have her by the end of the week.

That had been seven years ago.

Somehow, the challenge she presented had become the most entertaining aspect of his personal life. With every reporter, model, or actress he tumbled onto the silk sheets of his mattress, he was reminded of how far he still was from ever having Pepper, of how unique and different she was from all the other females he'd encountered in his life thus far. From that long-ago babysitter to his female professors at boarding school and beyond, to his classmates, to his secretaries (a perfect 14-for-14 within two weeks of each hiring), to women randomly selected from his public pool of admirers, Rhodey joked that the only two women Tony hadn't fucked were Pepper and his own mother.

While an exaggeration, this also rang of truth.

Tony tightened another bolt on his hot rod's suspension, lost in these thoughts, when Pepper turned his music down and jarred him back to the present. After a lingering conversation and their usual banter, she had him off to Afghanistan.

In the aftermath, in the midst of his captivity, he'd heard her voice while drowning.

It changed everything about his feelings toward her, changed her from a merely unconquered accomplishment to... something deeper, something more. The puzzle of their relationship grew even more tangled, and he knew that he had to set things straight between them. He wanted more.

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