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Made- True Blood

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Jan. 11th, 2011 | 02:48 am
posted by: rinaceous in rinfic

pairing: Eric/Sookie
series: True Blood / Southern Vamp Mysteries. AU: set after Dead and Gone, Godric made Eric.
rated: PG.
notes: Just more fluff. Continues the story begun here.

The next couple of weeks passed without word about Sophie from Niles, one way or the other. Eric had emailed him all of the details and we waited for his response, somewhat breathlessly. A day or two after our return I'd caught myself absently stroking a pink velvet crib set at Walmart before I snapped myself back to reality. I saw Eric every few days and kept working a regular schedule at the bar, trying to focus on other things than my suddenly discovered, albeit slim, chance at motherhood.

I was carrying out a plate of burgers balanced on my left hand with a Coke in the crook of my arm when suddenly I felt the warm flush I associated with Eric, and within five minutes he'd walked in the door. I felt tension in our bond and looked up into his eyes, and he made a motion to join him in the back. Sam gave a nod and we went into the boss's office.

"Niles replied," he said, not bothering to waste words or time.


"His daughter's gotten about as far gone as she can go without being braindead. I've spoken to Pam about it, and she's decided to go ahead and become a Maker. She left for England about an hour ago."

Wow. I'd never thought Pam would see a human being worth turning, and this thought must've registered on my face. "She thinks that being the Maker of one of my descendants would be deliciously ironic. She's spoken to the family over the phone, and it helps that they're all English. I'm glad that she's taken this step in her own growth process. It makes me feel more secure about the risk of my ever leaving you or her. Besides, with a child of her own to deal with, she'll keep her nose out of ours for at least a decade."

"A decade?"

"Oh, the terrible first ten years. They're a very trying time in the relationship for Maker and child. They know nothing and you must teach them everything- everything- and their utter dependence can be exhausting. And just by the time you've got them understanding directions and following orders, on a decent schedule- they start fretting at the reins and you need to set them free for another few dozen years. There's a reason I've only created one child in a thousand years. Pam has been an experience in and of herself."

I smiled, thinking of how true his statements were about human children as well. But then again, he'd never gotten to watch his children reach maturity. I mourned briefly for all he had missed, which was absurd enough considering it had all come to pass 30 generations before I was a sperm and an egg.

"Why did you make Pam, anyway?" I let my curiousity get the best of me.

"Godric decided to create a new child- Johanna. I was jealous. I'd stayed with him over three hundred years past when he'd officially released me, simply because I felt loyal to him and we enjoyed working together. But then one night he brings home a limp little ragdoll in his arms, her body broken and drained, and tells me that he has created a new child. I left him for fifty years, and by the time I saw him again, Pam was at my side."

"What happened to Johanna?"

"Killed by a human. He found her resting place in his cellar, and staked her. Godric exacted his revenge swiftly."

As interesting as his past was, I had a even deeper question burning in my belly and half a dozen table's worth of tips being collected by another waitress, so I went ahead and changed subjects.

"So how are we going to do the uh... impregnation? Are you doing to make me a doctor's appointment?" I'd always kept up with my schedules on a little calendar Gran had taught me how to use, and I had a rough idea of when I ovulated every month. Luckily, my monthlies were always like clockwork from the very first one. I had a vague idea that there would be canisters, cold metal, pipettes, and waiting rooms involved, but I didn't find that I cared much. My heart was glowing. A baby! Even if I was as good as married to a vampire, I could still imagine my poor mother turning in her grave at her unwed, pregnant daughter, but I was still thrilled.

Eric's eyebrows shot up in incredulus surprise. He'd felt my happiness and an involuntary smile tugged at the corners of his fine lips. I didn't remember what Nigel's kisser looked like, but I hoped it looked like his, so the baby's would, too.

"My lover," he said, stepping into my personal space and gripping my arms with his own cool palms, "do you think I would have you inseminated like some dairy cow? No, no, no. We will determine your best day, then I'll have the sample shipped and we will find a way to get it inside of you as sensually as possible. We won't conceive our illegitimate love-child in a sterile lab." He made a face. "It's bad enough it's someone else's sperm. I wouldn't have you receive no pleasure from the experience whatsoever."

I closed the narrow distance between us and laid my head against his chest, feeling his arms cross around my back and lift me up off the tile floor. He held me above the earth for a few long moments, feeling my heart speed up, and then spun on the spot and rocketed out of the bar so quickly that I was sure we were a blur to the Thursday-night bar crowd. We hit the warm summer air and I gasped as we left the earth completely, keeping my eyes shut as the wind whipped around us. Within a minute, we'd touched back down and I saw we were in front of my house. I laughed.

"I'll bring your car back before dawn," he promised as he set me down and yanked on on my apron strings. I was already shrugging off my bar shirt while trying to unbutton his. We spent the rest of the night making love and talking, planning, dreaming.

I woke up around ten the next morning to find $60 under my sugar bowl and a note that said "Sorry about your tips, too."

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