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Descendants- True Blood

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Jan. 5th, 2011 | 02:59 am
posted by: rinaceous in rinfic

pairing: Eric/Sookie
series: True Blood / Southern Vamp Mysteries. AU: set after Dead and Gone, Godric made Eric.
rated: PG.
notes: Just fluff. I had to get over my yuck, yuck, yuck of first person POV (ugh, hate it so much!) but it doesn't sound like SVM without Sookie's POV. I am new to the fandom/series and haven't read all of the books yet, so feel free to tear me a new one for any mistakes in canon. Planning another in this world, after I get the kinks worn out (or in. Will be smutty.)

“Jesus, honey, slow down.”

We were hurtling down the highway toward the nearest airport at over 70 miles an hour, well over the posted speed limit. My knuckles clenched the fine leather upholstery, and Eric, the honey thus referenced, took a moment to glance over at me, then grinned and focused back on the highway.

My vampire boyfriend was fond on taking risks. In his thousand years on Earth, I was sure he’d had to take many. I, however, in my own twenty eight had learned that it was better to take the more conservative route. People still got killed, but the consequences didn’t always seem so drastic.

“There’s a cop ahead.” I could feel her mind, focused on scanning the horizon and also distantly wondering what her son was up to at school. It was one of the many ‘joys’ I had to look forward to on a daily basis as a telepath.

“Oh, Sookie, my own personal radar detector.”

He let off the gas a bit, and my fingers relaxed. Casually, he let his hand drift over until it was covering mine- then let it begin to drift up my leg. Smooth.

A life that involved death and killing had become somewhat alarmingly par for the course in my otherwise unremarkable little side of Louisiana, in the recent years since vampires had ‘come out of the closet.’ In that time, I’d dated two vampires- but I hadn’t left my home country, with or without one. But tonight, that was going to change.

It’d all started about three weeks back, when Eric had called me into his bedroom. He had his laptop at the bottom of his massive mattress, plugged into the closest outlet and he was stretched across the length of the comforter but still managed to take up the majority of the bed. As a towering Viking, he needed every inch of the King sized bed.

I heard him call me mentally, drawing me to him subconsciously, before I heard his voice, and I cursed our long-standing and unwittingly created blood bond. While there were times that I liked knowing his emotions, generally, it felt like just another intrusion, and it made me question our relationship as a whole.

Fortunately, Eric had as many issues as I did. Maybe that’s why we enjoy each other’s company so much.

I came around and sat down as close to the screen as I could manage, peering at what he’d called me in for. He brought one arm around me and continued typing and clicking as if I hadn’t yet appeared. After a moment, he looked up at me.

“I’ve just gotten a very interesting email from a woman I –consorted- with about six years ago while visiting New York,” he began.

He didn’t have to explain any further than that- as far as I was aware, his relationship with me had been Eric’s first attempt at monogamy in a long, long time. Possibly since his human death. Without pause, he continued.

“She is a geneticist and took an interest in a sample from me. I consented, once she yielded to me.”

He waggled an eyebrow at me, and I tried my best to give the sour expression he seemed to expect, but jealousy doesn’t suit me.

“It seems that they’ve located a number of my descendants, through one of my sons and my daughter.”

The surprise must have shown on my face, because he smiled as I responded.

“You’ve got family? Eric, that must be-“

While he had his vampire child, Pam, I knew he also felt the same longing I’d had to know a bit more of his blood relations.

“Amazing, yes. I had always hoped that my children had survived the war that killed me, but the thought of them grown up with families of their own had always been one that I’d only entertained as a fantasy. Though I am nearly 40 generations back, evidently, a few of them- there are 16 total- are interested in getting to know me. They’ve organized an event in Germany, and would like me to attend.”

“Wow, an Eric Northman convention. Now we’ll have a really hard time keeping your feet tied to the ground.” If there was one thing he didn’t need, it was an ego boost. I was sure he was receiving one anyway. At least any pretty girls there would be his descendants, and thus icky for him to lust after. Not that he’d shown signs of lusting after anyone lately, but still, it was oddly reassuring.

“Will you come with me? I’d like you to meet them.”

“I’ll get the time off.” I’d have to work some extra hours to pull a few days off in a row, but I was sure that Sam, my boss, wouldn’t mind letting me away from his bar for such a special and unusual occasion.

And that brought us back to the airport.

Once Eric had safely stowed away his travel coffin and I’d picked a seat a few feet away, we settled in for the long, long flight overseas. Since we were departing at night, he and the other vampires would be able to keep the human passengers company until daybreak, when they’d have to hide from the sun. The stewardesses, their black uniforms carrying the golden jackal head of Anubis Airlines, came around to offer drinks and Truebloods to the passengers. As he poked through the paltry magazine selection, a question occurred to me.

“How did you go across the ocean before the Revelation?”

“With passengers, we stowed away on ships- though it was very dangerous. If I was by myself, I just went as far north as possible, then I flew.”

“You flew to Europe? Under your own power?”

“I can glide for quite a distance. I needed to land periodically to feed, of course- usually on whales-“ at this, he made a disgusted face, “and sometimes on unlucky whalers.”

The mental images of Eric diving below the surface to snatch at a whale or sweeping out of the sky to drain an unlucky fletcher were more than slightly disturbing. I grimaced.

“So, you can see why I appreciate the services this company provides. And you wouldn’t have enjoyed the experience otherwise.” We settled into comfortable conversation until he had to slip into his resting spot, and then I pulled out a thick romance novel.

The flight was so long that for a while I was convinced that I’d unknowingly died and this was the flight to purgatory, or perhaps Hell- after all, Eric was with me- but finally, the captain announced that we were landing soon. As if he’d been personally summoned, Eric rose from the casket, stretching and looking not even remotely ruffled. I envied him; though I’d slept, my neck was aching and I felt like a needed a month-long shower from the stable cabin air. He took my arm with a feather-light touch and led me down the ramp into the quiet passenger area. There hadn’t been any other commercial flights arriving at 2am, and the airport was dark and shuttered, the cafes with foreign wording closed up tight. I was thankful that my boyfriend spoke a dozen or more languages flawlessly; I couldn’t begin to tell you what any of them sold based on the signs alone.

The meeting the next day was a happy time. Eric’s descendants ranged from poor, blue-collar folks like me to some very wealthy people. They mixed and mingled somewhat awkwardly, wearing name badges and looking around for familiar facial features. As he greeted the various attendants, I hung back, only to be approached by a young man with hair the same exact shade as my own- and Eric’s. He smiled at me brightly, reaching his arms out for a hug.

“Hello, hello,” he said, his voice with a heavy British accent. “I’m Niles, Niles Hups. I see our resemblance straight off!”
I smiled back at him, sad to disappoint.

“Actually, I’m Mr. Northman’s girlfriend- Sookie Stackhouse. Pleased to meet you, Mr. Hups.”

“Oh! Well, our hair is certainly similar.” We began an easy back and forth about how I’d met Eric and become involved with him. Then his cell phone went off, and he answered it with worry in his eyes. As he strode off with an apology, I felt a wave of despair come over him, and unwillingly lowered my shield only to discover that he had a teen daughter dying of a mysterious ailment. As I listened with pity, my attention was drawn by a warmth coming ever-closer. Eric jostled me out of Nile’s head as he touched my elbow and towed me off toward the hotel’s lobby. I looked at him for an explanation.

“Have you heard something bad? I could feel your anxiety, so I came to find you. Your face is disturbed.”

“Have you met Miles?” I answered his question with a question.

“Briefly. His hair-“

“Same color,” I agreed. “He’s got a daughter, Melissa. She’s very ill, something they’re afraid she caught from a bad meal. She’s in the hospital and deteriorating.”

“That’s unfortunate.” He had a tone to his voice that I recognized, but didn’t particularly like. “Can you listen to him anymore?”

“Yes… why?”

“Just do it as a favor, please?” He bent down the foot or so to give me a quick kiss, though it tingled straight down to my toes and gave the girls in the room some flutters. Yuck. He was their ancestor!

I spent the next few hours enjoying the company of those assembled while Eric sat down and figured out with those present how everyone was related- and they were some jumbled webs indeed. There were people from Sweden, Austria, England, France, Germany, Switzerland- and one Australian, a hearty looking fellow named Xavier who couldn’t have looked less like Eric if there’d been a contest to find someone. Yet there was something in his confident swagger- I blinked and assured myself that I was being ridiculous.

Niles had gone up to his room and begun packing by the time I had Eric alone again. I explained that he planned on coming up to our room and asking if Eric would turn his daughter. I assumed he would refuse almost automatically, so I was shocked as hell by what came next.

“Hmm, perhaps. There is something I would like in return… if you are interested.”

“What would I want from Niles?” Here, I was truly curious.

“Our child.”

I could only stare at him in slack-jawed shock. Child?
The reality that we’d never have kids together was just one of those things I accepted as part of being a vampire’s girlfriend- though technically, by vamp law, I was his wife. It wasn’t physically or biologically possible for Eric to father children anymore, and it had been nice to not have to worry about birth control. Just another advantage of an undead suitor. But now he had some crazy scheme to…what, exactly?

Everyone around me was having babies, or trying to, anyway. Several of my friends and coworkers had recently wanted children, and having a few running around my own yard had been a dream tucked away in the edges of my heart for a long time. But now? This way?

He reached for my wrist, letting my mind process. I could feel his own nudging mine, gauging my emotional state to see if he’d said something really stupid or really brilliant. In some ways, it was a bit of both.

“Niles comes from a very- crowded- branch of my family tree,” he said, pulling out a complicated-looking chart. “My one son- impossible to know which, possibly it was both of them- had 4 sons and a daughter who lived and produced children- he had 26 grandchildren, of whom 5 intermarried. They also married into those descended from my daughter, Helga. I appear on his ‘pedigree’ about 40 times, total. While that’s still just a fraction of a percent, if anyone’s got the most of my DNA, it’s him.”

“You want me to have Nile’s baby?” The thought of further diluting my own fae blood was surprisingly tempting, considering the trouble it had brought me.

“No, you’re having my baby…in as direct a way as possible.” He glanced down, pausing only briefly at my breasts, to settle his gaze on my stomach. I then realized that this was something he’d been thinking about and wanting for a while, and I hadn't missed his emphasis.

“And you’re going to procure this sperm by offering to turn his daughter?” I asked, wondering if the man- or his wife- would go along with this crazy scheme.

“If my blood doesn’t work, maybe cash will. Of course, he and his family would be generously compensated for his donation.”

Unbidden, my mind flew to images of my child, blonde and blue-eyed, smiling in the sun, dancing in the dark in his arms, swept up into the air, his long hands reaching up to toss her higher and higher, their faces radiant. Her hair was our color; her eyes favored Gran’s more than either of ours. The Stackhouse line would continue.

Then, predictably, he had to complicate it.

“Of course, you would also have to allow the child to make their own choice about being turned once they came of age, and that would be what I would prefer. Your faerie blood will prolong your life into something almost acceptable- but to watch our child wither and die-“ He sounded stricken already. Hell.

Recently, we’d discovered that my own faerie ancestors were closer on my own family tree and appeared twice more than we’d thought. It turned out that my mother had been seduced by a faerie who had subsequently removed her memory, with myself as the product of that union. She’d never suspected, nor had my father, that he was raising a cuckoo’s child alongside my brother. But it had explained why my brother- only 1/8th fairy- seemed to be aging normally and lacked the powers I possessed. And it also meant that I could expect to live for a good three or four hundred years, if I kept my head down and took care of myself.

“Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.” It was assuming a whole hell of a lot that Niles would even be interested in our offer.

Seeing my acceptance, he pulled me to him and held me against his lithe, endless body for a long moment, and then we practiced making a baby as we had done so often before. Afterward, he lay his face between my hipbones and said something in another language. When I asked him what he’d said, he just gave an enigmatic grin and curled himself back around me, cradling my body against his for the few hours we had until dawn.

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