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Dreaming- True Blood

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Jul. 18th, 2011 | 01:06 am
posted by: rinaceous in rinfic

pairing: Eric/Sookie
series: True Blood (tv-verse; season 4)
rated: G.

Spoilers for teasers; an imagined scenario that we will see fulfilled in Season 4. Obviously, after it happens, this scene will be AU.

Eric was dreaming, something he somehow instinctively knew that he didn't do often as a vampire.

In his dream, a man came to him in the cubby- little more than a boy, slight, small and dark- and covered in tattoos. He felt the same strange drumbeat in his veins at the sight of him, the same that had sounded when the woman Pam approached him. He knew himself in an instant to be this man's progeny as he had felt Pam to be his own, the power wielded by blood. The name came to him, bubbled on his lips. "God."

His maker smiled his benevolent grin, so familiar after a thousand years. "Close enough, child. Godric." He ruffled Eric's hair with obvious affection, reaching over to stroke the side of his face. Eric was filled with joy, because he knew Godric was gone, and yet here he was. He closed his eyes and leaned into his touch. There was another he longed to touch, a wonderful woman filled with sunlight and honey. Of course, his maker had to meet her, this beautiful creature whose home he shared. With lightning speed, he left the cubby and crossed her living room and staircase in seconds, with Godric close behind him. It was night, and she was curled in her bed, peacefully asleep. He pushed the door in gently and gazed at her. With this woman by his side, everything was right in the world. He felt safe, and warm, and comfortable; he wanted to guard her, and give her gold, and weave his fingers through her hair as he made love to her. He wanted to take her down to the ocean and kiss her in the salty spray. Right now, he just wanted to lie beside her, so he stole to her bedside. As he reached for the edge of the blanket, he felt Godric's hand on his shoulder, and he glanced back in annoyance.

His maker had dropped his fangs and was staring at Sookie, full of hunger and lust. Before he could stop himself, the same expression mirrored itself on his face, and he leaned closer...but then Sookie awoke, and screamed. Immediately horrified with himself, he pulled back, bringing his fangs back in, utterly mortified. Godric looked disgusted. He glared at Eric, and snarled, "You love this- this, hybrid. She is fae and human, and mortal. You would do best to drain her, and yet- you do not. She will be your undoing. Other vampires will take her, because you value her. You are damned."

Eric awoke with a start, knowing in an instant that it was still daylight, and he was still in his cubby, though he felt Sookie's presence above and could hear the sound of her vacuum running. He pulled the fur blankets more closely around himself, turned to his side, and willed himself back into his daytime rest, disturbed by the vision and the obvious truth it contained. But he still wanted her. Even if it meant never returning to the self he had become.

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